Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Did you think I was going to update my blog?

Don't get too excited...I'm letting other people do the writing for me. There's so much going on right now, so I'll just link to everything for your reading pleasure. I promise I haven't completely abandoned this blog, and hopefully once things calm down I will be back to blogging!

First up, my brother Bobby is getting married this weekend. I absolutely love his wife-to-be, Mary, and we have all been looking forward to this weekend. Lovely, rustic wedding in the snow? Pray for good weather on Friday and Saturday! And I'll have pictures and details when I get back. For now, check out their adorable wedding page here.

Next, my best friend Lydia is due today! But most likely, Bobby's birthday won't be until next week. (Not to be confused with the Bobby who is getting married this weekend.) She and Tim are definitely ready to meet him and you can read her blog here.

Then we will have my cousin Whitney's wedding and our family Christmas in Abilene.

Tiffani and Tim will be the proud parents of Mazie Marlene.

And in May, my little brother Benton will marry his best friend, Laura.

And I promise to update my blog before then.


Jennifer said...

I've missed you!! Well, I DID just see you last night. How about - I miss your blogs!

Rikki said...

I miss your blog too. I'm so glad to get an update though.

Tim said...

I knew my peer pressure would work!